Provisioning Tips

Finding Provisions.  I love the market. Who can deny the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and sheer variety available at the Zihua Central Market are delightful. I dream of the mole stand alone – 20 + varieties of that magical chocolate sauce with up to 30 ingredients and 10 different chilies. I had the hubris to try and make it once up in Minneapolis – it was inedible. But I digress, sometimes you just need to get the errands done and I have found a wonderful little corner on Los Cocos where I can check off most items on my list. First, there is a mini-Mega called Merza for all the basics like toothpaste, drygoods etc ( and great prices on tequila). Across the street is my favorite meat market Carnaceria Michelle (they have that wonderful spicy pork all sliced up for you-Carne Enchilada Picada) and my favorite veggie stand called La Guera Dune.

Everything is always the best quality and they even have mushrooms. Then… the next right will bring you to the last stop which is Yasmin’s organic store La Tienda Organica … open 8-2 Friday-Sunday.  Yogurt with no sugar and lots more.

Find it all:  Go two blocks past the Oxxo on Kyoto Square and take a left on Los Cocos – two and three blocks down.

BREAD!  Natasha now bakes incredible German bread and el pasel delights. Cinnamon buns, pretzels, a loaf of bread so dense with seeds and yummy ingredients and the sourdough…oh, my.  You MUST order ahead.I can not tell you how often I have been down there watching people point at all the things they will be taking away while I think, ” Not unless you ordered it yesterday, you’re not!  email is best… when you are up to your elbows in is hard to answer the phone.