Press Release

The Death of Feminism: Revelations of the Third Wave

By Barbara Rogers Bridges

I have spent a lifetime pondering waves. Hailing from Maine, over the last 64 years I have experienced, and reflected on, the impact of waves on us as biological organisms – often fighting against each other. Where the waves meet is where the action is.

As a scholar, I have spent many hours examining, oftentimes in excruciatingly minute detail, theoretical waves of human thought. Waves deliver tranquility, sustenance and insight – along with trash and terror. I am considered a Second Wave Feminist. Is there a Third, a Fourth? Or is Feminism Dead?

In reconsidering the history of feminist thought, I discovered Christine de Pizan, born in 1365 in Venice, Italy and who left us a collection of brave and still relevant reflections. Our gender has been fighting for equality and recognition for centuries but no group from the art world has done it with more style, humor and impact than the Guerrilla Girls from New York City.

I am a member of several local, national and international artist organizations and over the last few years, I have become increasingly concerned at the membership demographic. Where are our youth?  I see very few members under 50.  I have been asking my young women colleagues why they are not present. Do they feel like their gender is a roadblock to their success? The answers vary but almost all of them said they do not feel like they have “voice”.  Being a child of the 60’s, and a 40 veteran teacher, I heard this concern loud and clear.

Providentially, The Minneapolis College of Art and Design reached out to the Minnesota Women’s Caucus for Art with an invitation to participate in The Guerrilla Girls Takeover in Minneapolis in January 2016. All Events:

Twenty-Two of us will be showing feminist works during the Takeover

More importantly, MNWCA is hosting a discussion called The Death of Feminism: Revelations of the Third Wave on January 24, 2016    1:00-3:00
Main Gallery  Minneapolis College of  Art and Design 2501 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404  More Information:

This discussion will include a number of hot topics and personal perspectives focused on how young people who identify as women navigate the art world today. The conversation is open to the public and will use a modified Open Space Technologies to engage the participants. Artists assisting include: Kate Renee, Carolina Borja and Andrea Edstrom, as well as Barbara Rogers Bridges as moderator. Everyone has an answer. Who asks a more beautiful question?

Come join the conversation and share the empowerment with new creative colleagues. Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to This event has limited capacity and is sponsored by the Minnesota Women’s Caucus for Art.