NEMAA Exhibition Art-A-Whirl

The NorthEast Minneapolis Art Association has an annual exhibition . Over 20,000 people attend. “Found In Our Water” enjoyed the honor of emerging for the first public viewing at the Grain Belt Bottling building, 79-13th Ave. NE, Minneapolis.  Surveys were collected.  Visators worked on the art with Barbara.

Bridges, B A A W  ExhibitionOur concern for the quality of our water should be a national and international dialogue. The Maine shrimp disappeared in 2013. The clam and oyster shells are 40% thinner than a decade ago. There is a toxic alert on the salmon caught in Lake Superior. The future water concerns are here today.I seek collaborators to stage exhibitions, panel discussions, student workshops, school visits and adult events around the country.I ask people two questions:
1.    What is the  worst thing you ever found in the water?
2.    Will we still be eating water creatures in 2050? Identify. I chronologue these stories with text and images.Pop-Up Selfie ProjectArt-A-Whirl Selfies


Artist Talks about Key Largo and Conch  Key

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