Muslim Discussion Prompts


Please discuss how the cultural facts in this selection make it difficult for Muslim students in your classroom.

As you read Being Muslim, please comment on data which surprised you, or that you do not agree with.

Americans Living Free of Fear

Jeanette Andrade said:
Dr. Bridges asked if Muslims citizen here in the US are living free of fear? The answer is no. The first day I walked into the classroom they questioned who I was, were I came from and if I would listen to their concerns. I had been there all of a day and a half when one of the students told me that they were happy I was to be their new permanent teacher. When I answered “Thank you, but why?” Another student chimed in “Because since you are also a minority you will understand our struggles and the misunderstanding we face every day including some of our other teachers in this school.” The student is in 10th grade just turned 16 years old and has lived in the states since he was 4. This statement from such a young man wretched my heart. I have several stories like this not just with the Muslims students I now teach, but also with my Hispanic and Latino students in Miami. My husband is a veteran of Iraq and he also felt distressed at the retelling of my story.


New Violence in the name of g{G)od(s)
Boston Marathon Bomber

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