Model and Timeline

Suggested Timeline:

1. Share and read resources by September 3, 2016
2. Identify emerging topic trends, goals and outcomes. September 3, 2016
3. Identify Title September 3, 2016
4. Identify Event Date  September 7, 2016
 Suggested Procedure  Modifications welcome. 

Step 1:  Identify your social issue(s) or challenge(s).
Step 2.  Assemble your planning committee (3-5 people representing all stakeholders, if possible). Done
Step 3.  Convene the committee digitally to exchange and consume data resources and identify potential emerging trends for discussion. Done
Step 3.  Design the model for the Dialogue Event  Done
Step 4.  Advertise the Dialogue Event  Done
Step 5.  Hold the Dialogue Event
Step 6. Deposit the Outcomes and Plans going forward on the Dialogue Event page.
Sample Event Schedule
15-30 minutes    Bridges shares historical and cultural goals of Dialogues for Social Change
30 minutes    Introductions and Identifying 3-5  Emerging Topics of Concern

60 minutes     Small group discussions

60 minutes     Report out and plan for action

Interest Alike Groups  Cooperative learning Cards

Recorder and Time Keeper

Group Goal and Report Out
Four important revelations.

Project/meetings going forward.

Contact person going forward.