Message from Dr. McDowell


Good Evening,

This is an invitation to join the planning team to bring Dr. Barbara Bridges to Winona State University to engage in topics surrounding dialogues for social change.

Each person selected has been identified as a key campus influencers; based on your role on committees, position on campus, and status as club advisor, member of a student organization or advocacy for social change.

Provost Rogers and VP McDowell selected Dr. Barbara Bridges to be part of the Trending Social Issues – Visiting Scholars Series.  Dr. Barbara Bridges is a sculptor whose work is based in a variety of influences that are rooted in modern society, personal history and symbolic representation.  Dr. Bridges is passionate about empowering students to believe, REALLY believe, that THEIR TRUTH may be only one of many valid worldviews which are equally TRUE.

Dr. Bridges has been communicating with you in reference to:

  • planning the event on September 7, 2016 around social change
  • asking for your input as she customizes the dialog
  • preparation of interactive activities relevant to WSU concerns.

As you recall, some of the hot topics from summer 2016 were social justice, politics, Summer Olympics, and Pokémon Go.

We are asking you to attend the September 7th Event event, invite the groups you represent, and fully participate in the conversation.  This will be an event that will transform your thinking and bring forth an enhanced desire to change the world.


A new email from Dr. Bridges is forthcoming.  Please provide any information you can.  Your participation will make a difference.


Enjoy the journey,

Denise  McDowell, Ed.D

Vice President For Enrollment Management and Student Life