Each and Every adventure deserves to be memorialized

Deep South 2012

Barbara Rogers Bridges
3-D Journal

24” X 24” X 24”
Mixed Media, found objects, papers, markers, watercolor

Women’s Caucus for Art

I am an artist who uses fabricated components in a variety of media and found power objects to make art for the purpose of provoking discussions and reflection on a wide variety of social topics. When I travel, I always choose memory objects to represent an experience or event at each location visited on my travels. Deep South 2012 records a visit to a history friend’s son’s alligator ranch in Texas, a work friend’s home in Louisiana, my daughter’s ebook empire in Alabama and several locations in Florida. The almost 2-D handmade book is the deconstruction of the 3-D journal. Women are the record keepers of our relational world.

Travel Journals

Travel Journals