studio 4

NP Foodstudio3
Bev’s 65th Birthday.
There are many Canadians here
and Bev was turning 65.
Notice MUST be taken for these
milestone birthdays
or as Bev described it…PAYDAY!!

NP judy, bev barb NP fruit salad

NP blue corn NP bev necklace NP bev and Judy

Karen earing

Karen and tORO


Karen, from Toronto,  rented my extra room for a week and had a lovely time adventuring and embracing the concept of assemblage art making or as I prefer to call it in my unrelenting war against Modernism- trash art.
NP Karen making toro NP Karen toro2

Judy is a fellow Minnesotan and started off on the wrong foot with me by saying “I am not very creative”.  As you can see below: That was just NOT true!!  Her work ” Protect my Heart” was such a powerful example of how social practice art making can change YOUR world!!
jUDy putting up sculpture Judy Sculpture in galleryJudy Protect my heart



Sydney Ankle Bracelet

Anna and Barbara

Helping Anna, Sally’s grand daughter make her ankle braclet

Anna ful

Anna with ankle art











I also hosted long time Zihua resident, Linda Fox and Dorathy  to create neck pieces.
dorothyNP linda close up NP Linda full

NP dorothy done

NP Linda makingNP linda, barb and dorothy