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These are all simply suggestions:

Barbara Rogers Bridges
An Eco-Social Practice Exhibition  Quien es La Mujer?

On or about February 15, 2017 -until?

Artist: Barbara Bridges has been an artist and a teacher/college professor for almost 40 years. Her sculptures have been exhibited in Maine, the Virgin Islands, Miami, Maryland, Mexico, Chicago and throughout Minnesota. Read More  The artist will provide at least two major works, 5-8  mid-price works, 12 works between 2, 000 and 10, 000 pesos and a large quantity of La Mujer Exhibition tokens which could be used for key chains, zipper pulls or other functional  uses for 50-70 pesos (according to what it costs me to create them).


What is Eco-Social Practice Art?

Barbara creates social practice art from fabricated components in a variety of media and rescued “power objects”. She manipulates the objects to create meaning and provoke discussions and reflection on a wide variety of social topics including agricultural practices (Ode to Gluten), living a considered life (Talking Chairs and Academia Nuts), water quality (Found In Our Water), recovery (Reflection Pool) and Feminism (Three Waves) See bridgescreate.com to see more art.  She is a sculptor on a mission to demonstrate how art can serve as a catalyst for social change and is committed to creating, and empowering others to create, high quality art objects which honor their powerful message. All my works are social practice art and eco-focused- using what other people might regard as trash.

Generally,  Social Practice Exhibitions include activities which bring a new demographic to the gallery and serve as a vehicle to network people interested in the topic.  The somewhat lofty, but achievable, goal is to change eco-social norms by encouraging people to think about the topic in a different way. We encourage to Embrace Cognitive Dissonance!  This is done in a very low key and subtle way. We will not make declarative statements- only ask questions.


Possible Events at the Loot Exhibition

Event One:
La Mujer (The Lady) Series 
continues to explore my reflections on feminism and specifically on women of power in Mexico. I did an empirical hit count and selected the women I see EVERYWHERE: Frida Kalo and The Lady of Guadalupe . La Mujer Series was created to honor and consider the position of power Frida Kalo and The Lady of Guadalupe hold in Mexican culture.  In the United States we refer to the most powerful man in any cultural as “The Man”.  In an incredible gender development…I am suggesting that Mexico has “The Lady”.  I am just not sure which one is “The Lady” of  Mexico. What do you think?. Read More

I study culture and have taught human relations in a teacher licensure program for the last 17 years.  I am American Indian, from the Penobscot tribe in Maine. La Mujeres Series invites YOU to reflect on why these two women have such a prominent place in the popular culture of Mexico. Is Money involved? Is Power? Is Religion? Good? Concerning?  Most of my works are interactive so we will have the visitors vote for which woman is “The Lady” and why. Results published on our page. Similar to this:


Possible Loot La Mujer Event Procedure:  DRAFT
Host a discussion for women and men to talk about the role of women in their culture. Proposed procedure:  I have completed several discussion projects using my website to organize. See this one done for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
1. Using both of our social media networks, invite women and men to attend an event, perhaps March 1 (taking time to have people see the exhibition and register).

  1. Flor and Barbara will run the event. A five minute presentation focused on statistical norms in Mexico and Western European Countries (most of the ex-pats here seem to be from the U.S. or Canada). Barbara delivers in English and Flor in Spanish. Barbara will do the research.
  2. Introductions in the circle of participants and topics of concern identified. Translation where necessary.
  3. Break out groups – one for Spanish and 1 for English. Each group will come back to the large group with their conclusions and suggestions for change. Translations where necessary
  4. Sign up sheet for those wanting to continue the conversation. I often have coffee groups start at these events. They meet weekly or monthly or online!!

Possible Event TWO:
Invite all the eco-social practice groups in the area (El Refugio, the animal shelter, the whale project, the various school projects) to attend the opening and give a “presentation” lasting  no more than 2-3 minutes. No talking heads will be allowed and audience interaction will be encouraged.  I will work with them on these presentations. They will bring hard copy brochures for distribution.  This strategy will bring in all the circles of people attached to each of the projects to your opening. I have found this to be very effective.
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