K-12 Lesson Plans

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    Human Relations
    Course to meet the Minnesota State Human Relations Requirement

Created by Nate Brager for his Summer 2015 TA project.  These  are the best of the lesson plans created by students. Designed to  make real change with how our marginalized students are treated by their peers AND their teachers!!
1. CONNECT TO WEEKLY UNIT Please make sure that your lesson activities connect to the unit we are working with.  The purpose of this learner objective is for you to create curriculum which will raise the consciousness AND REDUCE PERSECUTION of the students towards the marginalized groups we are studying.

2. MOVE BEYOND THE DATA    you MUST move beyond data collection and incorporate analysis.  What does the data mean?  How does it oppress the marginalized? Activity Ideas: Gathering data is fine but…. so what?  You need to go to the next step. How will this bring the  topic of marginalization in THIS country to their attention. Oftentimes, the research supports previously held biases!  BRINGING IN AN AMERICAN INDIAN SPEAKER  TO TALK ABOUT THE “OLD WAYS” IS OFTEN MORTIFYING FOR THE iNDIAN STUDENTS.  You need to add critical analysis and individual assessment. How will your lesson reduce persecution of this marginalized group?   You need to MAKE SURE THE STUDENTS THINK ABOUT ACTION THAY CAN TAKE TO IMPROVE THE MARGINALIZATION OF THE GROUP THEY ARE STUDYING!!

3.  INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT As my students know…I am kind of a bear about “assessing” group work by watching the discussions. Unless you have a hit count sheet with you- that will not meet the criteria for independent assessment. I watched a student teacher lead a very lively discussion in his class and he used that discussion as the assessment for the activity. I did a hit count of participants as I watched. ..only 6 out of 28 participated. PLEASE INDICATE INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT STRATEGIES.   Lesson Plan Rubric.html

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