Reflection Pool

Reflection Pool

Conception & Construction

Social Practice Art Invitation

Please join us for a collaboration project between artists, teachers, addicts, counselors, treatment centers, support circles and all others touched by trauma and addiction.

           Let’s try something new

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Reflecting Pool   is an installation on my property in the Minneapolis Northeast Arts District.   It was created as a monument to recovery of true consciousness through self-exploration. Flowing mosaic tile and intricate ceramic decoration within the grotto provide an experience both peaceful and complex by the juxtaposition of repetitive patterns and assemblage compilation. The technique is “precious” as the viewer sits in the  pool, the tile lines draw the eyes from object to object, encouraging transient contemplation- noticing the various ideas without extended rumination, as is encouraged by Zen meditation.  A meditation  on the subject of acceptance and flexibility  was written by Morgan Bridges and is installed on the back surface to aid in the experiencer’s self-discovery. The outside shell of the grotto will explore the more organic images and materials used to create spiritual edifices from all spiritual world views.

The purpose of this social practice work, Reflecting Pool, is to encourage recovery from trauma and/or addiction.

The entire work looks like a grotto one might have stumbled on in a secluded forest.  Construction Pictures


The sand sunken stone
may stand still and strong
against the tides and waves

Till the pressures of time and change

Erode its face.

Be more like the reed
supple in the wind
strengthened by the turbulence.



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