Human Relations Metaphor Sculpture Lesson


An Unusual submission from HArt

Learner Objective:
The students will be able to create a metaphor sculpture which will deliver an “aha” human relations message for the purpose of reducing the persecution of a marginalized student in our K-12 classrooms. The students will earn full credit in the 10 areas of performance in the  Sculpture Criteria Rubric.

Creating a visual message requires you to have a MUCH deeper understanding of an issue than writing me a ho-hum paper.  This assignment is an opportunity to illustrate that you “got it” AND, hopefully, will empower you to encourage YOUR students to reclaim the creative process and make it part of  THEIR lives.  How many of you have had great conversations with family and friends  in the process of creating this HR final?  Would they have discussed your final Human Relations paper with you? Did the activity build community?  Did your viewer experience cognitive dissonance?


Brett Mayer’s History Sculpture Project













Brett’s powerful driving question would carry the entire project forward:  Why is it important to have a contemporary understanding of the US Constitution and its Amendments?

She spent many hours developing her ideas and planning how modern art could intersect with a seminal US document—the US Constitution.










Create Cognitive Dissonance!  

Take this assignment seriously!!  Every piece of the sculpture should be elegant and finished with care. The message is the most important but  shoddy craftsmanship does not honor a great message.  Paper, wood and other delicate materials should have a coat of polyurethane, plywood should not have raw edges. Do not use words in a blatant way to deliver your message…this is more difficult than you thought…is it not?
Piel Final Sculpture Artist Statement
Gilgenbach_Sculpture (1)
Grace Bohanna
Hauser Artist Statement (1)
ADHD Art Krotz

Look at the criteria… make your artist statement and your Feedback Book part of the art work… create them with care…can you deliver any ahas embedded within them…do it!!  CLICK HERE FOR DESIGN TIPS AND A LESSON

No exploding volcanos, rainbows, peace signs, globes with people holding hands… TRITE!

What makes a great Artist’s statement!

1. Make you artisit statement an attractive part of your art work.
2. Check the criteria..deconstruct the metaphor for us ( in case we missed it ). Do not use the language “Red stands for the African American oppression”.   Make your artisit statement an art work unto itself.
3. Keep your comments brief…people tend to be put off by LONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG  statements and often do not read any of it.
4. Include a reflection on your creative process:nan evolution of the idea, engineering challenges, materials choices, interaction with others, community building, a deeper understanding of your metaphor message etc.
5. Did you display in the community? Must have already happened by wrap. Share any feedback.


 Sculpture Criteria Rubric

Must be assemblage art 10
Must be at least one foot square and smaller than a vacuum cleaner 10
Must be 3-dimentional 10
Must have a deconstruction artist’s statement with your name displayed which enhances your sculpture. 10
Must have a response  book which complements your art work for guests to provide feedback. 10
Does the sculpture communicate a Human Relations message? 10
Does the sculpture show solid elements and principles of design? 10
Did you document your creative process? Include with sculpture in your feedback book. 10
Does the sculpture incorporate a new sophisticated thought or idea? 10
Was the sculpture created with skill and craftsmanship? 10
10 point bonus

Will the sculpture spend time in the community? Please provide  this information in your artist statement in plain view so I can award points.