GLBTQ Lessons

What would Jesus do?
No matter if nature or nurture, sin or no, icky or normal.  IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO OPPRESS THIS GROUP IN ANY WAY AND UNETHICAL FOR A TEACHER TO SHAME THEIR STUDENTS FOR ANY REASON. The law is not interested in your particular religious doctrine – the law IS interested if you are denying a marginalized group their civil rights. If you hold religious beliefs which will cause you to deny a student their civil rights- you do not belong teaching in public school. Go to a religious school.

I was raised Catholic. In my day we had to memorize the bible. I am well informed what it contains and I can tell you with ABOSOLUTE certainty…Jesus would not want those children in Anoka dead.

So… we are dancing all around the concept of truth.  This is the reason I bring you through all the paradigm world view curriculum.  Who’s truth is truthier?  The one with the biggest “guns”?  How about having (G)god(s) holding your gun…is that the biggest gun of all?

The GLBT community cringes because this issue, and they, is trotted out in every election year as a handy and convenient “Terrifying It”.    Read More

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