Feminism in the queer and LBT community

LBT group

Transparency about privilege

Calling out the problems within feminism (surrounding the way that “white feminists” are oppressive

Should we change the terminology? Feminist?

People who come to see queer art already support it. Solution?

Take ownership of becoming informed. Find ways to engage with information. Whose job is it to inform people about oppression?

Prejudice within the queer community

Take your art out into the world

Not queer enough.

What is your name? Your pronouns?

Transpeople challenged Guerrilla Girls. As a queer woman- I am told I am less than. I don’t want to be “included”.

Need to get over the fear of hurting people’s feelings. Need to stop suppressing anger.

Questioning our “defaults” (hetero, cis) and challenging others to do the same.

Celebrating little victories

Talking about what its like to be cisgendered or heterosexual.
Hold people accountable.

Contact person:  Michaela Chorn  mchorn@mcad.edu