Fellows Institute

The NAEA Distinguished Fellows Leadership Institute:
Creating Change: Leadership Strategies in Art Education convened on July 18-25, 2008

The Workshop Leaders
Distinguished Fellows and Speakers:
Doug Boughton, PhD Past-President, International Society for Education Through Art, Professor, Author,
Acting Director-School of Art, Northern Illinois University

Kerry Freedman, PhD NAEA Higher Educator of the Year, Past-Editor, Studies in Art Education, Professor, Author
School of Art, Northern Illinois University

Mary Ann Stankiewicz, PhD NAEA President (2003-2005), Professor, Author – School of Visual Arts, The Pennsylvania State University http://www.personal.psu.edu/mas53/

Laurie E. Hicks, PhD Founder/Editor The Journal of Gender Issues in Art and Education, Professor, Printer/Photographer
Department of Art, University Of Maine http://www.umaine.edu/art/faculty.htm

Pat Stuhr, PhD Department Chair, Leadership Specialist, Author – Department of Art Education, The Ohio State University http://arts.osu.edu/ArtEducation/stuhr/stuhr.html

Barbara R. Bridges, PhD Minnesota Higher Art Educator of the Year, online curriculum designer, sculptor – Bemidji State University http://www.bemidjistate.edu/dlite/

Madelynne Engle Conceptual Sculptor; US Embassy, Hilton Collection, Monsanto, E F Hutton, Bank of America; San Diego, California http://www.englestudio.com/#start

The theme of the Institute was Leadership. Goals:
1. Learning about the historical and cultural contexts of leadership in art education
2. Empowering the participants as leaders who act as catalysts for curriculum change.
3. Enabling a free-flowing, dynamic dialogue among speakers and participants.
4. Designing leadership workshops in participants’ local regions.

Barbara created a virtual community online and the participants reviewed selected readings, built community, and began to work on leadership development BEFORE they met. Each day of the Institute was spent with one or more of the speakers who helped develop strategies for leadership. The Virtual Community continues to communicate and share leadership stories and plan for the NAEA Conference in Minneapolis. Click here if you would like to join the conversation.



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