Fairy House Competition

Please participate in the creation of a Fairy House for the Chateau Mer Magic Forest

Magic Forestbird

fairy house install






I invite you to make art at Chateau Mer!! 
One of the wonderful opportunities at Barbara’s cottage is access to several art studios.  Please join the Fairy House competition and  win a print of Sandy Point Beach. Follow the signs in my wildflower field.
Russ Family 2016

Russ 2 Russ with Dorothy Russ1


Stump from the MAple School Studios Maple Trees

Lauren testimony on making a fairy house:
My children and I took a box and walked around noticing unusual natural or found objects that caught our attention. Soon we had a box full of natural treasures. The directive was to think if they were a garden fairy or gnome, what would they want in or as a house? As we created, people added to the pieces and it became several pieces. I loved that as we played with it, other family members kept dropping off bits of shell, feather, pine cones, twisted pieces of wood,a tattered piece of twine, acorn tops, rocks, moss, snail shells and …advice! You may have an idea of how slowly encompassed all and every family members became. Even witnessing the creation was adding to the process. AND it was FUN!!


Summer 2014   Walton Family

Fairy House Walton Family  Fairy House Walton Family entire

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