Take to the Air

Take To The Air

24″ X 36 “X 48″  Mixed media Rescued Objects from a Cuban Beach   2002

My visit to Cuba in 2002 was very enlightening.  I was conducting research for a unit on the objects created  during  the “Especial Periodico”, the Special period, after the Soviet Union’s economic collapse.  I met ( on the sly) with dissident artists who had staged a traveling extra-national  exhibit which had been shut down by Castro’s regime.

This work, Take to the Air,  was created using found objects from a 1 hour beach walk.  The Cubans do not collect beach glass. There are no industrial regulations in Cuba.  If the pollution continues, the sea creatures will have to “take to the air” to survive.  See Lesson Plan.

Creatures Cultures  Lesson Plan Unit-2-2012

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