Conch Key, Florida

Conch Key, Florida

Mixed media, Lobster shell, rescued wood, stone crab claw, brass brads, wood  2013

As I approached Conch Key, it caught my attention immediately. Barely 10 acres large, it looked like a little Maine fishing village to me as I drew nearer.  I could see the piles of crab traps and lobster boats in  the distance.

I pulled in and traveled down Conch Key Road looking for a place to rent. Everyone smiled. It was December 17th, 2013. No room at any inn cottage or shack on the island.  Finally, I was directed to go and find Joanie.  Joanie agreed to rent me the “No Name” cottage for three nights if I pledged to re-make the beds myself.  I did and she did.

The sculpture I created there used the prehistoric shells of the longusta lobster and stone crab, old wood, plastic bottle caps, trap rope. 24″ X24″

road sign (2)Conch Key is an island and an unincorporated (no surprise!) community in Monroe County, Florida.  It is located in the middle keys at mile marker 62-63. The residents do not use maps…it is all about the mile markers.

VIDEO of Conch Key and Old Florida. Click Here

Conch Key, Florida detail 1     traps (2)Conch Key, Florida detail 2
In answer to the question: What is the worst think you ever found in the water:
1. Fisherman: “Many sharks with no fins.  What a waste.” I will re-visit him next winter when I start this project in earnest.