Selfie Project

Win a Found In Our Waters Sculpture

Selfie detail 2I ask people two questions:
1.    What is the  worst thing you ever found in the water?
2.    Will we still be eating water creatures in 2050? Identify.
I chronologue these stories with text and images. Pop-Up Selfie Project

Results of Survey   Art-A-Whirl Selfies

Winners of the Art-A-Whirl Found In Our Waters Selfie Competition
Steve and Debe McEnelly“My family is in Grand Marais on the north shore right now. Your exhibit really made an impact on us, it opened our eyes to the conditions of our waters and how serious it is. Now, instead of just seeing the random garbage on the shoreline, we are reminded that what we see is like an iceberg. We’re only seeing the tip of the problem. Just how much more can our ecosystem endure this assault?

I think your art should be exhibited to all the schools in our state. Your message is so important for everyone to hear. Like us, I don’t think people realize the magnitude of the problem. What an awesome way to teach and make people aware of something that most of us don’t know exists or that it affects us.

We look forward to seeing more of your work and most of all, sharing your message as we display your artwork. Thank you so much. Please put us on your mailing list” Read More