Castine EarWear

Fabulous Flotsam

Plato asked the question  “What is beauty?”
Over 2000 years ago.  Has that question been answered?
Certain individuals, embedded in their  own arrogant world view as THE truth, believe they can answer.

Not me.

I, as an artist,  seek the “never before seen”.
I try not to think out side the box, but instead,

LIVE outside the box.  Wedding my concern for the environment with my creative process,

 I present:
Fabulous Flotsam  This series creates charming homes for your body  wear when not being worn. 

Bridges, B Castine Earwear main


Castine, Maine  Earrings  3W” X 4T”,
Mixed Media, Marine gasket, beads, waxed thread

Bridges,B Castine Detail 1