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Book list/Human Relations

Organized by Theme/Title/Author


Autobiography/Child Molestation               Laid Daughter                   Helen Bonner

Autobiography/Racism                             I know Why the Caged Bird Sings       Maya Angelou

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Native American              The Broken Cord           Michael Dorris

Native American Novel                                  Yellow Raft in Blue Water          Michael Dorris

Native American Novel                                   Cloud Chamber               Michael Dorris

Memoir of Mental Illness                          An Unquiet Mind              Kay Jamison

Memoir of White Mother/Black Sons   Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness    Jane Lazarre

Memoir/Irish Immigrant                 Angela’s Ashes             Frank McCort

Memoir/Irish Immigrant                 ‘Tis             Frank McCort

Adult Child of Alcoholism/Autobiography   Keeping Secrets          Suzanne Summers

Egyptian/Muslim Immigrant Family in America    Coming to America       Bernard Wolf

Feminist Articles and Speeches                  Life and Death        Andrea Dworkin

Men’s Oppression over Women                Intercourse     Andrea Dworkin

Feminist/Revisionist History                       The Chalice and the Blade          Riane Eisler

Teacher Success with African Americans         The Dream Keepers       Gloria Ladsons-Billings

Teachings of Native American Elder              Neither Wolf nor Dog       Ken Nerbum

Native American Short Stories                   Storyteller          Leslie Marmon Silko

Native American Novel                                  Ceremony          Leslie Marmon Silko

American Indian historical fiction for upper el
Jennifer Boyson Oct 17, 2010 9:51 PM
Stone Fox by John Reynold Gardiner, Traders in Time by Janie Lynn Panagopoulos, or Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare.  Each book is a work of historical fiction describing the clash in cultures between whites and Indians.  The books are listed in increasing reading difficulty.  The last one is a Newberry Award winner.

Apocolyptic Native American Epic Novel   The Almanac of the Dead      Leslie Marmon Silko

History/Devastation of Europeans on New World    American Holocaust               David Stannard

African American/Racial Identity           Why are all the Black Kids sitting together     Dorothy Tatum

Young Girls Memoir/Japanese Internment Camp     This is my Country, Too    Jane Schuman

African American Oppression in 1963            This is my Country, Too                  John Williams

Critique of Underfunded Minority Schools        Savage Inequalities               Jonathan Kozol

Report on Hispanic/Black NY Neighborhood    Amazing Grace      Jonathan Kozol

Modern Life/Spokane Indian Reservation        Reservation Blues       Sherman Alexie

Modern Life/Spokan Indian Reservation     The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fight in Heaven Sherman Alexie

Kids Medicated in School                          Club Meds                         Katharine Hall Page

Girl’s Struggle with Drugs                      Go Ask Alice                      Anonymous

Teens/Gangs                                   If I Grow Up                                 Todd Strasser

Herbal/Alternative Drugs             Rats Saw God                           Rob Thomas

Streets/Drug Dealer                      Street Pharm                        Allision Van Diepen

Hmong/Western Medicine Clash            The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down   Anne Fadiman

Struggle for Educational Justice         Pedagogy of the Oppressed                 Paulo Freire

Chinese American/Woman’s Autobiography        Warrior Women           Maxine Hong Kingston

Mexican Family/Slums of Mexico City              Children of Sanchez                     Oscar Lewis

Mexican Case Studies/Poverty                        Five Families                         Oscar Lewis

Puerto Rican Family/Poverty                     La Vida                             Oscar Lewis

Mexican/Middle School Teacher                    Holler if you Hear Me                Gregory Michie

Native American/Mixed Blood Heritage    All my Sins are Relatives                 William Penn

American History through Oppresses Viewpoints    A People’s History of the United States Howard Zinn

American Indian  Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie


Rural Southern Tale                        Bastard out of Carolina                           Dorothy Allison

Dwarf’s Tale of Small German Community/WW II        Stones from the River            Ursula Hegi

Stories of Four Chinese Women         The Joy Luck Club                  Amy Tan

Tales of Chinese Mothers/Daughters                       The Kitchen God’s Wife             Amy Tan

Native American Women/Alaskan Yukon                Two Old Women                      Velma Wallis

African American Woman’s Story                             The Color Purple                   Alice Walker

Cherokee Customs and Lifestyles                            Pigs in Heaven                        Barbara Kingsolver

Realities of the Slave Trade                                      Copper Sun                           Sharon Draper

Nigerian Tribal Life                                            Things Fall Apart                  Chinua Achbee

African American/Post WW II                         Notes of a Native Son                James Baldwin

Anishinaabe Short Stories                    Love Medicine                    Louise Erdich

Cherokee Novel/Trail of Tears                  Pushing the Bear                      Diane Glancy

Native American/Coming of Age                Solar Storms                    Linda Hogan

African American/Women’s Literature               Their Eyes were Watching God      Zora Neale Hurston

Seven Generations of Anishinaabe                        Last Standing Woman               Winona LaDuke

Post Civil War/Slavery                                            Beloved                                  Toni Morrison

Young Black Girl’s Story                                       The Bluest Eye                             Toni Morrision

Native American Short Stories/Vietnam              Walking the Rez Road               Jim Northrup

Native American Lore/Fantasy                                  The Bone Game                      Louis Owens

Native American/North Dakota                                    Grass Dancer                      Susan Powers

Coming of Age in Apartheid South Africa                  Kaffir Boy                         Mark Mathabane

The Millennial Party by Mark Palmer

Sugar Blues by William Duffy Sugar

Critical Condition by Bartlett and Steele

Warrior Nation by Anton Treuer

The Skin You Live In by Michael Tyler