I am an emerging North Minneapolis artist and an active member of the Women’s Art Institute. I exhibit in WAI group shows, conduct workshops and solo shows around the Twin Cities. My formal studio practice began at age seven through the Studio Seven in downtown Minneapolis.  Since graduating from the College of St. Benedict this past May I have been teaching kids ages 7-18 yrs at Studio Seven.  I work under the guidance of artist Nancy Kahlow-Curtis who started the program in the early 90s.  I became more aware of the Guerrilla Girls’ story in Brother David Paul Lange’s Modern and Contemporary Art class at St. John’s University.


By working with resilient women artist in the Twin Cities, I’ve become increasingly aware that many of my mentors didn’t have female professors in college and there were no feminist discussions.  I’m looking forward to hearing more about how women artists define success and how they remain resilient in the art world.  From participating in this discussion, I hope to make even more connections with women artists and gain a stronger voice in the movement.