Triangle Cabinet

Triangle Cabinet  2014  $2400
48″W X 42″T X 24″D
Mixed Media, NE Minneapolis 1920’s fence,
antique hinges, dynamite box, solid brass Kohler parts,
Con Man Print

Bridges, B Triangle detail Con Man

This cabinet was designed for a difficult under screen triangle corner and was created using rescued objects from the streets of Minneapolis,wooden dynamite boxes, stained glass, Kohler brass, 130 year old aged fence wood and architectural salvage warehouses. The carpentry is very skilled and finished and all is sealed in matte boat epoxy for durability and a clean non-shedding surface. Many one-of-a-kind details including original art work. I am eager to use YOUR objects for a custom made art work.

.Many one-of-a-kind details including limited edition print Con Man

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