Treasures Of The Inland Sea Series

Treasures From The Inland Sea  2 (Totis2) Mixed Media   Rescued objects from Lake Superior , wood, condom, brass, beads, glass  8” X 8” X 8”  2013


In the collection of Gail Gannon, Melbourne, Florida.

Totis 2 exhibition history:
The International Sculpture Center Symposium. Dec 2013
Found in Our Water Project –  Art-A-Whirl May. 2014
WARM Exhibition, Minneapolis, MN 2014


I am an artist who uses fabricated components in a variety of media and rescued power objects to make art for the purpose of provoking discussions and reflection on a wide variety of social topics.  The topic of this series is re-cycle, re-purpose and “pay attention to what you discard in our water!” The different objects were collected  on the beaches of Lake Superior- including the condom. There is something viscerally satisfying about engineering the discarded objects I find in/on our waterways into a cohesive object which tells a story.  Do my Maine seacoast roots inform my passion?   You decide.

Bridges, B, TOTIS3  (Treasures of the Inland Sea 3)


TOTIS3 (treasures from The Inland sea 3) with Tropical Friend

4″ X 4″ X 16″ Rescued Objects, Bronze Patina  2010

Living in Minnesota, I am 1500 miles from the nearest ocean. We Mainers call ourselves the “Salt People.” I found my own sea here on Lake Superior.  This work is honored with a bronze patina to age the wood and shells. It could have been found in Atlantis.  Perhaps it was.

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