Bridges, B Gods C3 -4 view JPGG(g)od(s)        

18″ W, 8″ Tall 3″ D . Mixed Media Santeria and Catholic artifacts, holy cards, beads, rattlesnake tail, copal, shell

Chango and Santa Barbara

Being raised in the Catholic religion, I am very interested in the various interpretations of Catholic doctrine I have discovered around the world. Santeria comes from the Spanish word for “saint”  and came to Cuba with slavery.  The African slaves incorporated their magical Yorba religious rites, into the ritual worship of the Catholic Church. The process is referred to as syncretism, which is blending of the two belief systems with a resultant creation of a new practice – Santeria.

The melding of the two religions was quite easy since the primary mechanisms for magical thinking were already in place in the Catholic system.

I chose Chango to research. He is the god of thunder, drums and dance in the Yorba religion. . He is historically a brave warrior king. Santeria practicioners know their ori. Ori  means head but most think it includes the soul. Chango’s colors are red and white, and his necklace is made of alternating red and white beads.  His number is 6, and his day of the week is Friday. Each Orisha  is syncretized with a Catholic  saint and Chngo’s is Santa Barbara because she’s portrayed in Catholic doctrine as fierce, independent, dressed in red and white and wearing a crown like Changó. The feast day for Changó/ Santa Bárbara is December 4, which is a very important feast day in Cuba.  Read More

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Santa Barbara









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