Fleur-de-lis Stand

Bridges,B Fluer Dis Lis stand top  oFleur-de-lis Stand
12″W X 24″ W X 48″ T Mixed Media. Rescued wood from 100 year old fence in NE Minneapolis, faucet, found wood and metal objects, ornamental screws, boat epoxy.

The furniture created in the studio has a steam punk look to it.  Although sticking to very formal elements and principals of design, the  stand appears to have been created by objects found in an abandoned home.  Some were.

Engineering these rescued objects together to create a beautiful and functional art work is profoundly satisfying to me on a very visceral level.  My commitment to living a considered life and returning objects to circulation, and not to a landfill, is an important objective.

All furniture is sealed with a boat epoxy and then a matte polyurethane is my compromise to insure your object is indestructible and does not “shed”. …remains contained…what? Appearances
Found In Our Water WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) , Minneapolis, Minnesota

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