De El Mar

Bridges, B De Del Mar D3

De  El  Mar  $250

24″ T X  18″ W X  4″ D
Mixed Media, drift wood, glass and wood beads, rope,
Rhine stones, waxed thread, oyster shells, coral, clay beads.
Collected by Karen from Zihua ‘s La Ropa.

I walk La Ropa Beach every morning.  The palm trees shade the water line until about 9:00.  I make my way to Patys for yoga  followed by a 90 minute massage for around 40 US dollars.   Life is pretty rough here in Zihua


Bridges, B De Del Mar D2Bridges, B De Del Mar D1

Our concern for the quality of our water should be a national and international dialogue. The Maine shrimp disappeared in 2013. The clam and oyster shells are 40% thinner than a decade ago. There is a toxic alert on the salmon caught in Lake Superior. The future water concerns are here today

See more on  Found in Our Water Project.

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