Caribbean Bathroom

Caribbean Bathroom

10  feet X 8 feet  Ceramic tile, bronze metallic paint, driftwood and shells from the beach I lived on for five  years in St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

There something about the powder room/bathroom/ el bano/ladies room/caballeros/damas/latrine/head/washroom/toilet/men’s room, restroom/lavatory/comfort station/water closet/ that lends itself to playful whimsical treatment.  Perhaps it invites tile work and when your fiscal situation is challenged…well… no brainer… go mosaic.

This work incorporates the large box of elegant shells collected by me on the beach I lived on in Frederikstead.  The house was built inside of the ruins of a a late 1800’s sugar mill.  As I placed each shell in this installation, I could still remember the day I picked them up … and where.

The power objects hold the memories of our lives… bring them out from the dark.  Make art.


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