Bridges B Heart

Amour  2016  Mixed Media. Found objects, beads, wood.

In the collection of Lizzie Hearmon and Pascele  Parayre ,  Calvia, Mallorca, Spain.

Some social scientists suggest that LOVE is a social construct invented by Hollywood. Others insist that LOVE is the only experience that makes life worth living and still others point out that LOVE is what makes us human. History suggests that the practice of marrying for love is a fairly recent trend. We all agree that a large percentage of most art forms: visual art, theater and literature all focus on this most human of conditions.

Bridges, B Princess

Bridges, B top partialBridges, B. HAnd

No matter where you land on the continuum, you will be charmed by the back story of this particular LOVE.

Amour was commissioned by Evi Leins and created for Lizzie Hearmon and Pascele  Parayre who are English and French, respectively. Evi is German, lives in Calvia, Mallorca, Spain  and  she found me in Zihuatenjo, Mexico.

This particular “AMOUR” is a true global effort, one more example of art to change the world, and my first work to find a home on “The Continent”.

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