The artwork “Onion” is a hybrid style of art, which incorporates Postmodern, and Conceptual style characteristics. In the artwork “Onion” I also employed a methodology I will call “recordari”, from the Latin “to remember, call to mind (re-restore and cor, genitive, cordis heart, understood by the ancients as the seat of judgment and memory” (Barnhart, 1988) (p. 896). I would like to identify “Onion” and artwork like it, as representing our “lived experience” (VanManen, 1990) in visual form. I suggest we are practicing “recordari”. “Onion “ takes you on a journey, which explores and records all the communication modes employed by our virtual community.














During the creation of “Onion“, I was also working on an MnSCU Emerging Curriculum grant with 10 community college partners. As you might imagine, there were dozens of whole document edits.

I was inspired, when I finally sent the last edit in, to create handmade paper from the plethora of drafts. I employed a rough blend technique- leaving large chunks. Look closely- you may find yourself or a person you know. I am sure the Bemidji State University Vice-President (now President) was very nervous as I took pictures of his ears with my close up lens. Everyone wants the ear of the President. His ear is here –can you find it? The creation of this artwork, “Onion”, acted as actual community  Mixed media: Circuit boards, photographs, handmade paper.

Dimensions: 36″ x 52″