Art-A-Whirl and WARM Critique

Our concern for the quality of our water should be a national and international dialogue. I seek collaborators to stage exhibitions, panel discussions, student workshops, school visits and adult events around the country.

May 2014Bridges, B A A W  Exhibition

KFAI interview

The Found In Our Water series emerged at the annual NorthEast Minneapolis spring show. Barbara lives in the Northeast Arts  District where over 1000 artists have studios and show their work.  Barbara presented her water quality installation first at a WARM (Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota) critique. Twenty-five mentors and proteges shared their reflections using the Liz Lerman critique model. Barbara’s WARM mentor, Jill Waterhouse, facilitated.
WARM Videos and pictures   Warm Critique Notes

Appearances: Here you will view authentic voices and pictures taken with cell phones, professional and unprofessional cameras and videographers and uncut videos from the Art-A-Whirl event.  Please enjoy the dynamic sound of people at an art show looking, making, and learning.
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