American Indian Discussion Prompts

What is your top takeaway from Anton’s book “Everything…”?

Is persistence and grit more important than scholarship?


What is the goal of a missionary?

We might all agree that what was done on the missionaries in Minnesota and the Dakotas might have ethical issues. Are there similar missionary models active today?

Thoughts on motivation for Squaw Point Road?

Does ignorance lead to bias and bigotry?

Most of the Squaw Point folks are educated people.

Ever wondered why the reservations have many non-Indian owning land?

Dawes Act

How can we help this generation – “just move on”?

So now what do we do?

How can we help these students find their way? How, as teachers, can we instill a sense of purpose?

Please discuss “What’s in a name”

Read all the data points – do not miss the hotlink – and decide what we should call the people who have been on this continent for thousands of years.


Treuer identified an “opportunity gap” rather than an achievement gap in the Ed. Chapter.

How can YOU solve this problem?

Discuss “No Thanks” and “See No Indian”

Why is the reading important?

Was the first Thanksgiving the beginning of an invasion?