African and African American Discussion Topics

Have you ever had a real conversation with someone of African American heritage?      
What about Jefferson? Thoughts on walking the talk?


Why did this happen in St. Cloud? VVV


We hate Somalis

Court ruling  Respond?

Still Happening? Respond.

Please prove Obama is white. Support with data.


Discuss where the “black” immigrants would be….


….If  there had been no slavery… therefore no “African Americans”

What do you think of John Ogbu’s involuntary immigrant ideas?

Pigment Pyramid of Power


Pyramid of Power…

Which group has the most power?

I want you to REALLY dive into the melanin question now….

Please place all the racial groups on the Pyramid of Power


From YOUR point of view.

The top has the most power. The base the least power.  Just make a power list.

Authentic Voice Melanin Discussion


I make it a practice to watch alternative viewpoint programming. It is important to suspend my own enculturated judgments regarding what is “appropriate”. It is very, very enlightening.  Please watch and respond to these authentic voices discussing melanin and power.

Melanin and Power



Single Story

Discuss the “Who’s White” Reading


Watch this:

Acting White


I have been taking an informal visual poll -looking for the percentage of African Americans who present as middle class. I have been in rural and Birmingham and Tuscaloosa public venues and schools (my son-in-law is a a special ed teacher).

I saw 4 out of hundreds of people.  Asking my son-in-law ( a southerner) , he laughed.  It is considered “white” to “dress”.  He said only the teachers and ministers would be allowed to “look white” without harassment.  YIKES.  When I asked him, “what will fix this”, he responded “Nothing.  There is no profit in it.”   Thoughts?

Present Day Slaves


Is there racial stresss between the Africans and the African Americans?