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24″ W X 24″ W X 48″T  Mixed media, rescued chair, window weights, metal, syringe, tiles, wire 2012

This chair is part of the Talking Chairs series and is a tribute to the healing potential of collaborative creating while in recovery.




Borealis Flyer 2

Appearance at Sabes JCC:  April 10-13,  2015

The performance Borealis created for Recovery Chair was beyond my wildest expectations. I hope that Social Practice collaborations across art forms and social service organizations will be the wave of the future.  The dancers were informed through interviews with family members, community members and the The Retreat, a recovery center in Minneapolis.

Watch here for a tiny peek at the power of collaborative creating:

chair at borealis2

Borealis performed several works reflecting on addictions and I had the pleasure of interviewing  about the work she choreographed focused on food addiction.


Recov chair sisters

The WARM community of  women artists moves way beyond the 2 year cycle. Mentor Jill Waterhouse and sisters Anne Klenheniz and Becky Dudley joined me to see Recovery Chair inspire the dancers.

Rebecca Dudley Interview:

The real life challenge. To the uninformed:
Mood disorder = crazy
DARE=a couple days of cops and we’re done

And my personal favorite: Just Say “NO”.  Nancy Reagan was so, so uninformed!
More Reflections

STEVE KING WROTE AN INCREDIBLE BOOK CALLED “ON WRITING” HE CALLED THE CONNECTION BETWEEN ADDICTION / DRUG USE AND INSPIRATION A DEADLY MYTH(FUN FACT: I grew up in the same town as Steve King.  well I lived in the BIG town of 50 thousand and he lived in the country in a little town of 2000 but we went to college together! )

Addiction Reflections from Human Relations class
K-12 Lesson Plans

 More Recovery Addict Testimony

6 addict detail