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My favorite recipe enjoyed at her 2:30 daily comida which was followed by a nap. This is the way to live.

Relleno Negro from  Katherine
6 tomatoes
7 onions
4 hardboiled eggs
½ kilo ground beef
½ kilo ground pork
2 squares of chicken broth
1 box chilmole
8 cups water
1 kilo pavo or 1 whole chicken

Mix 1 raw egg with ground meat and form balls around the boiled eggs
Put 8 cups of water into large pot and add chicken broth and turkey. Blend tomato and onion and add to the pot when it s boiling. Let this cook until the turkey is about ½ cooked . Add blended Relleno negro paste to the pot and meatballs with eggs. Serve with avocado and fresh corn tortillas.

The French influence on Yucatanian recipes is really quite intriguing… and tasty! Our cuisine is Yucatecan, and the flavors, ingredients, and presentation of our food reflect the history of the region. The Yucatán is the land of the Maya; much later the Spanish came. The region was also influenced by the presence of the French and the Lebanese. In the past the Yucatán Peninsula was isolated from the rest of Mexico. The shipping industry that brought foreign goods to the Yucatán meant that the European influence here was very strong—it used to be easier to go by ship to France from the Yucatán than to travel to Mexico City! Just as the scents from the tropical flowers and the salt and heat of the Caribbean Sea touch our senses, so do diverse cultures permeate our culinary heritage.

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