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Barbie B’s Black Bean Bonanza    (You need 4 hours)
3 cups of dried black beans.  You can soak them or just set them to boil in 6-8 cups of water ( you may need to add more water as they cook).
In a separate pan: in two Tabl of oil, sauté until golden brown,  two diced HEADS (not cloves) of garlic and I cup of diced onions
Add 2 thin sliced dried Guijillio peppers  (they call them anjeo peppers at the market). They have a mild smoky taste…really subtle.
Add one or two  – 1 inch chunked fresh poblano pepper(s)
Add one small diced jalapeno (to taste- this is your only real heat)
When the beans are almost done  ( some like them more mushy-some al dente’) add your sauté mixture and 1 cup of minced cilantro
You don’t want to cook the living daylights out of all your yummie ingredients.

I add the local chunky salt over the top just before serving because I love the crunch.

Serve with traditional Mexican dishes of all kinds.