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Wini Froelich Testimony , Education- Mill City Museum

IMG_0564Barbara came to Mill City Museum in early 2012 with her newest project Ode to Gluten.  I immediately saw the opportunity to have something a little different that what we had had in our museum for installation exhibits for some time.

It was an interesting piece presenting ample opportunity for conversation and creation!  When we installed it in the rail corridor area of the public space in the museum it fit so well it livened the space and created new conversations right away. Part of being an exhibiting artist at Mill City Museum usually requires some form of public engagement and seeing as Barbara is an educator we decided to ask her to create a family day event around her piece.  Barbara is a great idea generator and together we came up with a plan to invite families to create their own pieces from memories, images and objects.  Barbara was adamant that these pieces should not be just “make and take” things that would get tossed out on the way home but instead created and brought materials that would spark children and families to really think about art.  What creating art is – how to make it important to you – the basic concepts of art. Her program was highly successful because she put many hours of thought into how to fit her goals into our parameters of time but still make the experience valuable and meaningful to the young creators.  She has a wonderful sense of how to encourage and guide at the same time.  I enjoyed both working with her and admired her work with families on our Ode To Gluten Family day. Wini Froelich, Education, Mill City Museum  IMG_0566

Pictures from July 2013 Maine Residency

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The Power of Collaborative Creating: Social Practice Art

The Power of Collaborative Creating: Social Practice Art

  1. Art and artists play many roles in contemporary society. Some artistic practices support just socio-political practices and processes. At other times, artists ignore or even encourage injustices.
  2. We are members of a demographic cohort that has tried for a half century to be involved in positive social change.
  3. We are also beneficiaries of a society that has given us a certain amount of financial freedom and security. And we intend to use that freedom, not to indulge ourselves but to facilitate our commitment to social change through artistic practice.
  4. The characteristics of our proposed artistic practice include:

A. We will stimulate and be involved in positive social action

B. We will provide constructive criticism

C. We will denounce and oppose, when needed

D. We will maintain our commitment to bettering the world

E. We will use our time energy and experience for our constant improvement.

F. We will work collaboratively with others

G. We are willing to teach and mentor but we will never stop learning from others, including those younger than us.

H. We will always look to the future, focus on the present, as we reflect on the past.