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Social Practice Retreat

Residency: Social Practice and Public Art :  Sandy Point, Maine
July 3-11, 2014

We seek participants with a wide variety of  world views and experiences as well as national partners for collaboration.

Join us for a week of art making and discussions focused on public and social practice art. You will share my Sandy Point,  Maine beachfront home with 10 other participants. This experience is not designed to be a debate, but rather a relaxed dialogue of like minded people discussing ideas related to social practice art. The residency is designed to include private time and space for reflection. You will have access to two mixed media studios with  mastics, wood, power tools and fasteners.  Other supplies you will have to purchase or find (within 5 miles).

Part of my income is derived from bringing my public social practice art to the schools and the schools to the art. If asked, I will share how I do this, including how to write a lesson plan.  I hope you will bring your unique skills,  insights, and social action experiences to share with us.

Food and Drink. I will provide breakfast provisions (at your leisure).  One authentic Maine Shoa’ Dinner  (Lobster, clams, corn, cheesy biscuits, and blueberry pie) on Thursday.

Kitchen and fridge open for your personal provisions.  Plan potluck , individual or restaurants, as you prefer.

If this experience sounds like a fit – post me with your ideas.    Click Here to See Chateau Mer (the cottage).   Invitation

Letters of Recommendation

Proof that Barbara will show up and deliver:

Patricia Rogers, Dean of Bemidji State University -now Provos , Winona state university  BarbaraBridges (2)

Jill Waterhouse – Mentor- Women’s Art Resource of Minnesota   Bridges-RecommendLtr-2013

Michael Urban – Chair Professional Education, Bemidji State University Urban letter
Kris Nei-PEDL Coordinator, Bemidji State University – Letter from Kris Nei




Selfie Started December 2013

Found Selfie

6″ W X 36″ TX 2″ D  Mixed Media, Rescued wood, commercial seafood swag, trash, rope, shells.

ˈselfē  (also selfy)  noun (plural selfies)
pop up art  is a spontaneous art form which places art objects and often invites viewer participation and in the case of Found Selfie -Documentation

informal A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website: occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary

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Selfie detail 2Selfie detail 1



Created in 2013, Found Selfie ,will travel with the Found in Our Water project and grow with community contributed found objects. Each year, the best Selfie will win a Found In Our water swag prize.

 Art-A-Whirl Selfies

Melbourne, Florida

Key Largo BNew Sponge/Old Oyster  2014

29″ W X 24″ T X 2″ D  Mixed media, Rescued rope, wood, sponge, oyster shell

This work was created by rescued objects from Spoil Island 1, inland waterway off Melbourne, Florida.
Spoil Islands are man-made islands created by dredging the inland waterway.  This particular island held great memories for my two sailing colleagues-the destination for 20 something boat adventures. Apparently, no one “owns” Spoil Islands which now have 3 year tree growth and have turned into “real” islands.  If you are interested in adopting an island CLick Here

Key Largo, Florida detailAmazingly thick decades old oyster shells made me reflect on how the mussel shells on the Maine islands are twice as thick those I collect on my beach at the mouth of Penobscot Bay.

Read this article quoting a Maine lobster man in the  well advertised salty directness in the equally famous  new periodical, “The Working Waterfront” .

Key Largo B detail 1

Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan 1

Fort Morgan 1 2013

14″ W X 24″ T X 4 ” D  Mixed  Media Canvas, bolts, lobster claws, mussel shells, rescued rope, bait bag, brads
My son, Morgan’s fort has withstood the test of  sea, wind, snow, ice and rain for 25 years.  It is currently serving as a beach shack to inspire reverie on a hot summer day and protection from biting inselcts on a misty moonlit night.

This small painting records the beach and Fort Morgan and a tree pound lobster feast.




Fort Morgan 1 detail 3Fort Morgan 1  detailFort Morgan 1 detail 2

Steam Punk Shelf

Shelf-top shelf main shelf leg shelf at mill city