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If you’re using Windows Movie Maker, there is
the possibility that you mistakenly saved your
video as an MSWMM file with "Save Project",
rather than save it as an AVI or WMV file with
"Save Movie File" (Win XP) or "Publish Movie"

There is a monster of a difference between the
1st example and the rest: the 1st is really just
a "work-in-progress" saved within Movie Maker
and is not even a "true" video. The others save
your file into what you need to properly upload
it to YouTube.

The most efficient way to save your video such
that you can upload it is:

1 -- click the blue "Tasks" icon.....(you'll get the "Movie Tasks" menu)

2 -- click "Finish Movie", the 3rd option.....(it will expand to 5 choices)

3 -- click "Save to my Computer".....(the "Save Movie" wizard appears)

4 -- enter the name of your movie.....(it is best to stay in "My Videos")

5 -- click "Next" at the bottom.....(you'll get the "Movie Setting" page)

6 -- click "Best quality for playback".....(it's usually the default setting)

7 -- click "Next" at the bottom.....(you will get the "Completing" page)

8 -- click "Finish" at the bottom.....(the saving may take quite a while)

9 -- click the blue "Tasks" icon again.....(you'll get the "Movie Tasks")

A -- click "Finish Movie" again, the 3rd option.....(you'll get 5 choices)

B -- this time, click "Send to the Web".....(I'm sure you know the rest)

YouTube suggests that the video format be
MPEG4 at 480x360 recorded together with
sound in MP3 audio, all at a rate of greater
than 24 frames per second. Other files that
are accepted include AVI, MPG, MOV and
WMV (which is Windows Movie Maker).

Here are my relevant "help" references with
their URL web addresses written out in full,
followed by their direct links:

Difference between "projects" and "movies"
windows help . microsoft . com / Windows / en - US / Help / 4cad 2674 - 4d43 - 4751 -
9b0d - 3ba8 febd a8d6 1033 . mspx


Saving your video so that you can upload it

YouTube's ideal video format/compression
www . google . com / support / youtube / bin / answer . py ? hl = en & answer = 91450


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Flip Camera Mp4 file Compression
That is the issue with these types of cameras....they produce an extremely large file.

There are a few of ways to reduce the file:

1. Use I-movie on a mac. under the Share option you can change the size.

2. Purchase Quick Time pro (mac or PC) and choose export and change the file size parameters.

3. Publish the files to YouTube. The site now has a feature to keep your videos private and unlisted. Only viewers with the link are able to view. The videos will never show up in a search or directory. You can add the link to a D2L course. YouTube does the compression for you. There is a size and time limitation on uploads (2 GB and up to 15 minutes)

Here is the procedure:


Easy way to process your flip camera movies and reduce pixel storage.

Sign up for U Tube (write down your  Log In and Pass word!)

Down load your clips to your Pictures or Videos  Folder.

Review your files there and delete those that did not work. Rename those you want to keep.
Go to your UTube account. Select Upload to the right on the tool bar
Select Upload Video in the yellow square
Select one from your Videos folder and upload and select Unlisted for no public access. Work on another task for a bit ; /
When it is done processing…copy the URL to include in your document! Perfect and FREE!

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