Fat Head movie

Here's the Fat Head movie on Netflix and on Amazon. I used this movie in my lesson plan for our 'movie week'. It's kind of a rebuttal to "Supersize Me." It's definitely worth a watch!

One Note 2010

I just stumbled upon OneNote 2010 on my laptop (came with Microsoft 2010).....I'm just starting to play with it.....check it out!


website for interactive materials for lesson planning


I came across this website when I was looking for materials for a history class, it has some great interactive information for math, science and social studies.  It gave me a few ideas on some lessons for the future!


Here are some websites a teacher recommended to me

Discovery Education

Teacher Tube

School Tube



I have been a fan of documentaries as of late and I use this website a lot when searching for something interesting to learn about.  For example, when we were talking about mental illness and addiction, I went here and searched for something relevant.  I have found that watching something puts a new perspective on my learning process versus just reading.



Courage of the Blue Boy

 Here is the Amazon link:

Courage of the Blue Boy